Monday, May 15, 2017

Informal Education

I love school and learning. If I wasn't still paying for my last degrees, I would love to find an online degree program to get one in theology. I have even explored sites for programs and had started a someday list, but alas...

Recently, I have been thinking about how through shifting my routines and habits the last couple years my depth of knowledge has significantly changed without a formal program. By reading the daily readings on my own each day paired with daily Mass homilies, I have a much stronger understanding of Sacred Scripture, not to mention being nourished by the Eucharist each day. I have also been reading a range of books - contemporary and classic - and watching resources on Formed on various topics. Then there's many resources available to help engage Catholics for free via online technologies via blogging, YouTube, Facebook, and email.

Though I won't be earning another official degree anytime soon (or maybe ever), I can commit to investing in my faith formation - a combination of independent reading, viewing, studying, and reflecting alongside community and collaborative experiences.

As I recommit to my yes over time, God is creating the context for my growth with a perfect sense of what I need to know, when I need to know. He can help weave together a curriculum tailored to me.

Lead me, Lord. Help me to trust that you will reveal to me what you want me to know when and how you want me to according to your plans for me. You can create a learning environment more perfectly than I could ever imagine for myself. You know when to help me spiral back to a concept with which I will now have deeper comprehension based on the background knowledge that has been building. Thy will be done.

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