Sunday, March 12, 2017

Catholic Mom Daily Gospel Reflections 2017

I participated in the 2017 Catholic Mom Daily Gospel Reflections this year. Today was the second of three reflections for the year.
 Today’s Gospel: Matthew 17:1-9
Through the transfiguration, Peter, James and John saw a glimpse into Jesus’ glory. It was natural that Peter had a desire to stay. Nonetheless, there were other plans for his life. We, like Peter, are called to recognize that God’s timelines and will for our lives may be different than our own inclinations. If we are willing to allow Christ to transform us, we have to trust in the goodness of His plans for us and use our free will to decide to cooperate.
When I first started to intentionally think about this concept as an adult, early on my priest drew my attention to Mary and her “Thy will be done.” I had a propensity to worry too much or try to over-plan. Instead, one initial step to transformation was the on-going call to focus my attention on letting go and trusting, conditioning myself to change my mindset.
As I grew in this area, I noticed both peace and unexpected tensions. Once again my priest guided me, letting me know I needed to expect inner conflict, instead of thinking that I would easily know all details of alignment and that all tensions would fade away. Sometimes it is about stepping forward in faith and prayer and doing what we see as the next step, even when it seems counter-intuitive. With time and patience I have been able to reflect with a greater sense of clarity on how God was working all things for my good through those phases of uncertainty. It’s an ongoing process to patiently wait as things unfold, trusting they will happen when and as they should. Just as the disciples fell prostrate, it is important to give praise when we feel a sense of awe upon the recognition of the power of God in our lives.
What is something that is producing anxiety or tension in your life right now? How can you turn to God for support and guidance?


Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for gently guiding me to do the next thing, whether big or small. Help me to grow in trust and faith through life’s experiences and like Mary be able to say, “Thy will be done.”

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