Thursday, October 8, 2015

In the Mix

I'm right in the mix of the start of another academic year. A couple of weeks after my girls started school, it was time for the welcome back meetings at my university. In the mix of meetings and getting started with the term, as is typical, I was not able to juggle everything I would like to. Posting on this new blog was something that I often thought of but then did not actually get to composing posts.

Now that I have settled into the term, I am ready to refocus and layer this back in. During the last year I have been reading and viewing a range of Catholic resources. I thirsted for faith formation in my adult life - something I had missed since the community of middle school/high school youth group, camps, and retreats. This year I finally felt some of the void being filled from the gap in my life once I no longer had an active involvement with a religious group to strengthen my Catholic faith upon graduation from high school.

In the coming weeks, I will be doing a series of posts to highlight some of the different resources that have nurtured my faith development this year.

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